Let's talk about self care

It’s 9 AM and already you are feeling the weight of the day ahead of you. Probably because you have not distressed from the day before or if we are being honest, from multiple days combined. You are overwhelmed, tired, wondering why everything and anything that someone says to you, is the next trigger of a ticking time bomb resonating inside of you, waiting to set off. You continue on with your day, forgetting to eat breakfast, hit the send to voicemail button when a friend calls, say its too late for the gym, stay home vs. do the hobby you love so you won’t be one minute late to get to your next agenda. You push yourself and your needs aside, because when we are stressed, the last thing we think to do is take care of ourselves. Selfcare is the first thing we jeopardize when balancing a busy schedule, and its usually the thing that is most important to not give up. Because without selfcare, our life can become counterproductive. It is vital to our well-being. It is what keeps our mental health stable, allowing our minds to make rational decisions, keep our skills sharpened and focused, not act on impulse, and overall communicate better with our peers.  We are striving at WMHC to support you in a safe environment, in which one can grow, come to know oneself, and find ways to relieve  ongoing struggles in your life. I challange you to ask yourself, when was the last time you took time for yourself and didn't feel guilty about it?

Fanyelle Mael